Survivor 28 Ep.1 RECAP “Brawn vs beauty vs brain-less” (Part 1)


What a CRAZY premiere to the season. CRAZY!

First off, how beautiful is Cagayan?! Clear waters, beautiful animals. And I love how it’s the wet season. Bring on the suffering!!

Right off the bat, voted leaders choose their weakest link. LJ of the beauty tribe chooses Morgan as she is more hot than cute. Whatever floats your boat LJ. Brawn tribe leader Sarah, has a “sucky position” to be at. Yeah right Sarah, your happy that your safe from being crowned “weakest”, you knew you have to make a leadership decision, and that’s why you volunteered! I got my eye on you Sarah, oh and ‘top heavy’ Morgan. Lastly, blazer wearing David, without further ado chooses Garret. Why? Because he’s a threat, duh! Garret looks like he can be in any tribe. He’s “Divergent“.  In the process of doing this, David tells the whole cast that he’s basically already thinking about the end game and he’s ready to cut throats till he gets that elusive million. #BADMOVE

“Weakest” players are taken to camp early and have to choose – extra food or immunity idol clue. Without much trouble, Garrett finds the holy immunity idol. Go Garrett! We’ll see how you go with that shall we? 😉   Morgan was surprisingly good at covering up after failing to find the immunity idol. Close one. Wouldn’t want her voted anytime soon. Right guys?

Camp happenings: Tony’s occupation is obviously in contruction the police force. No need to lie Tony, Sarah looks like shes got you figured out, plus your secretive as heck! Sorry to break it to you, but your “spy shack” won’t work.

J’Tia has a plan for the shelter, lucky she has her PHD in Nuclear Engineering! …Or not? Sorry J’Tia but your shelter plan failed and you pissed off you tribe mates while doing so.  Uh-oh.

First immunity challenge: TBH, this challenge looks so crap. Push the cart, get keys, disassemble carts, lift through holes, assemble cart, get chests, push logs to the side, puzzle. Booorring. Thank you so-called “Brain” tribe for failing so miserably, which added the entertainment. “Disaster for the brain tribe!” “Absolute falling apart of a tribe!” “Whatever brains they had, completely evaporated within 72 hours into the game.” Gotta love Jeff’s comments.

Tribal council: The “Survivor Gods” make it rain. Don’t you love how they built tribal council without a roof! Anyways, J’Tia and David are on the chopping block. In the end, David is voted out. Maybe you shouldn’t tell everyone on the first 5 minutes, that you’re already thinking about the end game David.

Ugh haven’t had internet access for 5 days. Part 2 of this blog will not be written as the next episode is right up our alley and I have lost some motivation to write this LOL.