It’s that time again folks! My favourite day of the week.

Holy freaking moly, this episode was intense! It just keeps getting better and better. Let’s start off with the Beauty tribe coming back from voting out Brice, Morgan (his friend) is at the bottom and it’s plain as day. So she calls out Jeremiah on betraying her and Brice in front of the tribe. Smart girl. In doing so, she successfully planted seeds into others’ head. A woman scorned shall not be underestimated. She is there to fight till the bitter end! You go Glen Coco!

Reward Challenge? What’s a reward challenge? Kidding. Ugh, finally! I honestly don’t even remember the last time they separated the reward and the immunity challenge. The challenge was a survivor classic and it certainly is the most hilarious (yet frustrating) challenge to watch. It was definitely humorous when LJ kept hitting his crotch on the obstacles, although as a fellow male, it was hard to watch. #Ouch. It wasn’t just LJ, Spencer hit his crotch a couple of times too, Lindsey was nearly KO’d by the post and Kass tackled a barrel!

Beauty tribe finishes first (which is not a surprise – they have good communication skills!) and the “Brains” are coming in second…. well that’s if they get their flag up to Tasha… Oh. My. Fricken. Goodness. J’Tia absolutely SUCKS at challenges! She starts to panic and doesn’t know where and how to place a simple flag unto a platform. This drove me insane! FEEL AROUND!!! How hard is it to feel for the middle of the platform?! Your other hand is on it!!

Brawn then hoists their flag just in time to win second place. Credit to them for getting their sh*t together at the most crucial points. For that miraculous comeback, they win a dozen eggs! Wait what? Just twelve eggs? That’s nothing! Oh well congrats anyway Brawns, a well-deserved 12 egg victory. The Beauties take home 3 egg laying hens and a rooster.

“So are they, like, a-sexual?” Are you serious Alexis? “We all know the egg came first, because the dinosaurs had eggs, they were before the chickens.” Are you serious LJ? This is so stereotypical of the Beauty tribe. Gotta love them.

Speaking of love, where is the B-Ball love Woo? Due to Tony’s little white lie, Sarah wants to throw the immunity challenge in order to vote Cliff out. Not cool Sarah!  You should know that a tribe swap/switch-up is around the corner, and that’s when you need numbers.  It was very surprising that Woo was ready to flip on Cliff. This makes my predictions sound so dumb. Woo is right that Cliff has a huge bank roll already. But that’s another reason to keep him around Woo!

Immunity Challenge time and this challenge got my emotions through the roof! With Woo, Trish and Sarah wanting to throw the challenge Beauty and Brain should be safe. They start by diving down to retrieve 5 buoys which will then be thrown into a basket. As expected Trish and Sarah try to lose the challenge, but on the other side, the Brains are doing so horrible that it’s actually hard for the Brawns to lose! Jeremiah makes 5 perfect shots at the basket which makes the Beauties safe from tribal council. With a pathetic challenge liability J’Tia, an angry but determined Spencer, and a pro basket player Cliff, we have an epic scream-worthy challenge. But in the end, the Brains lose once again. Without a doubt, they deserved to lose that challenge.

Back at camp, Kass and Tasha have some A LOT of trouble deciding who to vote out. They STILL didn’t fully decide ’til tribal council! Jeff first gives them the silent treatment, Jeff must feel so disappointed at this so-called “Brain tribe”. As Spencer answers Jeff, Tasha and Kass are still at it! Jeff pounces onto this and calls them out. I love all the fan references they did by the way, because this was totally awesome to watch. Finally we get to the vote, and it shows that winning challenges is more important than loyalty. J’Tia has her torched snuffed and Spencer is safe for another episode. Phew! That was close.

I give this episode an 8.5/10. Finally a reward challenge! Also, this episode was intense to watch. I was constantly on the edge of my seat. The challenges nearly made my head explode, and my mouth was wide open from shock during tribal council.

Predictions: Okay, my predictions sucked last week. Let’s hope I redeem myself this week. I highly doubt they’ll merge 4 episodes into the season, they’ll most likely be separated into 2 tribes (which was what happened in All-Stars and Philippines). Without knowing who’s in which tribe, predicting who’ll be going out is hard. But if I had to, I’d say it’s (unfortunately) Spencer. Reason being is that the brains do not have numbers any shape or form coming into this tribe switch up. And who in the remaining Brain tribe is perceived to be the most threatening? Spencer.

As we wait for the next episode, here’s a screencap tribute to LJ’s poor cajones. May they rest in piece.


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