Yet another episode of Survivor, and this one was insane!


We start with the new Solana tribe at camp after the blindside of big ol’ Cliff. Things get crazyyyyyy at this point. A good kind of crazy! But I gotta say, I was on Lindsey’s side here (for a bit). I felt like slapping Trish when she said “Now ask me if I care.” What a bitch. BUT THEN, Lindsey decides to quit. WHAT. THE. HECK. I would absolutely love to be on Survivor and you quit because your plan didn’t go as expected?? “…when I walk away from this beach… is gonna be my lowest point.” THEN DON’T! I don’t understand this at all. If she stayed, I don’t think she would have gone home next anyway (assuming that the merge doesn’t happen), because Woo is more of a threat going into the merge. Lindsey does seem really kind and good-hearted, so I hope she doesn’t get too much hate for this… well…. maybe a little bit would satisfy me.


I love this Reward Challenge. It’s quick and intense (that’s what she said). The best strategy would be to toss your idol as high as you can and quickly whack your opponent’s idol to the ground so it lands before yours; just as they did in Survivor Philippines. This strategy is obviously best done when your close enough to your opponent. However, I didn’t see anyone use this strategy, which kinda made the whole challenge boring. Woo does martial arts, so I assumed he would be good at this challenge. Lucky he redeemed himself at the last round. The reward for this challenge was boring as well, BUT Tony made it interesting.


He decides (Woo was just there for the ride) to put a target on Jeremiah’s back. And to do this, he tells everyone that he is giving Jeremiah the clue to the hidden immunity idol. Which wasn’t even a clue for the Appari tribe. Tony may be stupid looking, but he is definitely not stupid at Survivor.


Okay now we get to the weirdest part of  the episode. “I’m really a man.”…….WTF Trish. This was actually believable and I was shocked for a minute. This woman is seriously nuts! And yes guys, she’s a woman.



How awesome did this Immunity Challenge look. It was so cool! Would love to have done that challenge, although I would suck at the end puzzle. The challenge starts and both tribes are neck and neck to every part of the challenge. That slide would have sucked to slide on, it looked so painful. At the end, LJ wins it for Solana. Oh, and Woo, but he was just there for the ride again.

Let’s not forget Tony’s blunder shall we. Now he looks stupid. If he was smart, then the only reason that he would rub “top five baby!” into the Appari tribe, is to save Sarah. With him shouting that, it helps Sarah’s game as she can  easily say to her tribe that she doesn’t have a connection with them. Which she does later. But I’m doubtful Tony is that smart.


Going into Tribal Council, we have two people in trouble: Jeremiah and Alexis. Jeremiah, because Tony gave him the immunity idol and looks as if he would flip to them when the merge comes. Or Alexis, because she seems fake and has connections with LJ and Jefra.


At the end, Alexis is blindsided in a unanimous vote. This broke my heart. Just when I became an Alexis fan 😦 I didn’t even know she was a huge super fan of Survivor, but that added to it as well. Plus, it sucks to see good people cry when they are blindsided.


It makes my blood boil to know that Lindsey quit so easily when her best mate left, and we see Alexis cry because she wanted to do so well and at least make the merge. Ugh this sucks!




I give this episode a 7/10 because this was so frustrating to watch. We have the worst quitter in Survivor history in Lindsey. And Alexis is voted out! Noooo!!!

Predictions: Sarah is going to flip back to Tony. I mean, all Tony has to do is to remind her of their blue badge promise. I hope she doesn’t though. If she does, then Spencer is in trouble. After Alexis going home this week, Spencer better not go home next week!


As we wait for that beautiful merge episode, here’s a screencap of Trish. Just because I don’t like her very much. And her mouth looks like a horse’s mouth. #sorrynotsorryImage




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